40 Years Later…

Here’s a drawing of Christopher Reeve from the 1978 Superman film, which ushered in a new age of comic book movies.Chris Reeve Superman 2018 copy

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Blondie Bear

James Marsters, A.K.A. “Spike” from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. This was drawn as part of the August edition of the ISCA Members Workshop on Facebook.Spike copy

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Yuna Kim

Korea’s famous Olympic figure skating champion!Yuna Kim copyThis was her pose from the 2010 Winter Olympics, when she skated to a “James Bond” music medley.

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Summer of Starscream

A year and a half ago, I began listening to this podcast:15726357_1336400109756666_208283230947560494_n As you might guess, it reviews & talks about various Transformers TV shows & movies. It’s run by 2 musicians out of Chicago, and it’s VERY entertaining! And it’s what inspired me to begin doing the series of drawings I posted about recently. You can check out the podcast HERE.

The show’s hosts, Dale & Eric, post a lot of updates on their Facebook page. This is also where they interact with many of their listeners (myself included). Most of the ideas I came up with for Transformers fan art were spurred on by in-jokes mentioned in the podcast. Some of them were very specific. DaleThis is Dale, the show’s “captain” and resident Transformers fan. He often talks about “shipping” certain characters in the cartoons (as in, ‘Will Character A hook up with Character B?’) And, in the midst of recording an episode, he’s been known to call out directly to one of their listeners (Emily, a “ship name” enthusiast) and ask for the combined name of the two characters, should they get into a relationship.

Then there’s Eric, the show’s other host.EricHe is a Transformers “newbie”…someone who previously only had a vague awareness of the franchise or its fandom. Several episodes back, Eric pledged that, if a certain monetary goal could be met, he would brand himself with a Transformers tattoo. Dale jokingly suggested that it be the likeness of another listener (Connor, who’s catchphrase became “Hey!”).

I mailed the above drawings to the hosts as a surprise gift. Upon receiving them, they proceeded to talk about them while recording the an episode, which I was THRILLED to hear!! Also included in the package was this drawing:Party Animal PrimeThe morning I had planned to drop these drawings off at the post office, I was listening to the most recent episode of the podcast, in which the hosts joked about “Party Animal Optimus”. I IMMEDIATELY knew that I HAD to draw that & mail it to them as well! So I did.

In the weeks since then, there has been even MORE back & forth interaction, via either a post on Facebook, or directly from the podcast. On one recent episode, Eric posed the question, “Where in the world is Starscream?”— and he specifically mentioned that he imagined the villainous character dressed like Carmen Sandiego. So I obliged him.Carmen Starscream

Even MORE recently, Eric’s 2 kids appeared on a special bonus episode of the show. One of them said the words “Old-Timey Primey”. The other one piped up & said, “Lorin should draw that.” How could I refuse?TF6 Old-Timey Primey INKED copyI immediately thought of the opening of the old TV sitcom “Cheers”.TF6 Old-Timey Primey COLOR copy
Once THIS drawing was posted to the Facebook page, Eric chimed in with this…IMG_9524…which made me REALLY happy.

Be sure to check out OptimusPrimeCast.com in the links above!!

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Old Movie Drawing Exercise #1

These images are from a recent series of drawing exercises, done for fun & practice. As subjects, I used the cast of the 1987 “Star Wars” parody, “SPACEBALLS”!

Barf, a Chewbacca rip-off, played by the late, great John Candy.Barf L copy
Hot-shot pilot Lone Starr, played by Bill Pullman.Lone Starr L copy
The comical villain, Dark Helmet, played by diminutive ’80s nerd Rick Moranis.Dark Helmet L copy
His ludicrous henchman Colonel Sandurz, played by George Wyner.Colonel Sandurz L copy
And finally, directing all of this (and starring in 2 roles), Mel Brooks, who plays the space-age politician, President Skroob.President Skroob L copy

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More Than Meets the….Y’know.


Recently, I figured I would try drawing some fan art of “Transformers” characters from the ’80s and ’90s. The inspiration to do so came from listening to a podcast (OptimusPrimeCast.com), in which they talk about the cartoons, and develop little in-jokes along the way. The show is very funny and entertaining, and it made me want to depict some favorite characters with a little bit of wit and humor. KIND OF like drawing a caricature of a pre-existing (and copyrighted!) character. All in the name of fun!! #PleaseDon’tSueMe

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far…TF1 Cheetor & Dinobot INKEDTF1 Cheetor & Dinobot COLOR“BEAST WARS” was the first TV show reviewed on the podcast. It featured the character Dinobot, who was a fierce warrior, always talking about honor (very much like TNG’s Worf), as one of the main good guys. Dinobot was beloved by his comrades, especially the young Cheetor, who looked up to him as a role model.
TF2 Ravage INKEDTF2 Ravage COLORRavage was one of a handful of characters from the original 1980s Transformers to make a cameo appearance in Beast Wars. He showed up after having been upgraded from the smaller, micro-cassette form he had in the old days. In this story, Ravage was a Covert Agent working for the mysterious, Illuminati-like Tripredacus Council.
TF3 Starscream INKEDTF3 Starscream COLOROne of the most well known & easily recognizable of the original (also known as “GENERATION ONE”) Transformers was the villainous Starscream. In a famous scene from the 1986 feature film, he finally achieved his ultimate goal of becoming lord and ruler of the bad-guy Decepticons. He was even given a crown & everything! Although…he didn’t retain his position for very long.

These have been LOTS of fun to work on!! That’s all for now, but I have ideas for more, and I think this will be an ongoing series for a while. Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy these pieces!

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Happy Wedding, Joel & Jenna!!

Joel & Jenna Wedding copyIt’s been a while since I last posted anything here. There’s been a lot of things going on. One of those things was my brother Joel’s wedding in Hawaii!IMG_8526Joel & Jenna are an awesome couple, who have lots of adventures together!IMG_8522Joel n Jenna 12-15 copyCHEERS to you, Joel & Jenna! I love you both!!

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“To Explore Strange, New Faces…”

ygfi2810-copy50 years ago, I…I wasn’t born yet. But in September of 1966, the very first episode of “Star Trek” aired on TV. I never actually watched it when I was a kid, but as a fan of sci-fi, I was always aware of it. In 1996, during my last year of college, I decided to watch all of the first 7 Star Trek movies in a row…as research for an art project I was then working on. Pretty soon, I was watching episodes of the old TV series, along with “The Next Generation”…and I was HOOKED!!!

As my caricature career was just beginning, I found myself compelled to draw these actors from these movies & TV shows, playing these wonderful characters that I had fallen in love with.movie-scotty-copyriker-copynext-gen-trio-copyseven-of-nine-copymovie-picard-copyMost of these were done as “samples” for display at the retail locations where I worked. But by the mid-2000s, I started drawing stuff that had a wee bit more detail…just for fun!original-series-crew-airbrush-copypicard-data-copyShortly afterward, my fondness of the airbrush as a tool came to an end. I gravitated more towards colored pencils and Art Stix (which is mostly what I use today). But my fondness for Star Trek is greater than ever!old-spock-copystar-trek-2014-copyLooking back at these drawings, I realize there are still MANY characters I have yet to tackle (Worf, Khan, the “Deep Space Nine” crew, and others). So here’s to my “ongoing mission”—may it “live long and prosper!”

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Summer 2016: It’s Been a Busy Time!!

Here are a handful of live drawings I have done over the last 4 months…at Rainforest Cafe, and at various events around the Dallas area. Super Heroes, animals, and Pokemon have been very popular themes lately! IMG_3257

















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Here is My New Self-Caricature!!

Self-Caricature 2016 300 copy

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