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안녕하세요, Y’ALL!

Posted by on September 17, 2014

It’s been nearly a year since I left Korea and moved back to Texas. I still miss it terribly. Fortunately, I’ve learned that the Dallas area just happens to have a fairly large Korean community! I encounter Korean-Americans almost every day at the mall where I work. And many of them can regularly be found within a large shopping center near my apartment.


Nestled among a handful of American chain restaurants, like IHOP, Chick-fil-A, & Panda Express, you will find a plethora of Korean restaurants, beauty salons, coffee shops, bakeries, etc. And the biggest and most prominent store among them all is called SUPER H MART!!


THIS, dear reader, is a GIGANTIC grocery store containing many of the items you would most likely find in Seoul, and at comparable prices. H Mart is a chain that’s been around since 1982, and they’re located in various cities around the U.S. It’s a store that specializes in selling products from Korea, as well as from other countries in Asia. For someone like me—who’s developed a taste for Korean cuisine, and often yearns for kimchi, bulgogi, and bibimbab—this place is just what the doctor ordered!

Immediately after walking inside, you’ll see lots of produce, much of which is native to Korea, like CHAMAE—a delicious yellow melon that has become my favorite fruit of all time.


Just beyond the fruits & vegetables lies a variety of tofu (called “DUBU” in Korea).


You also have a selection of different types of milk, sold in little juice boxes. Many of them come in different flavors, like banana, strawberry, and coffee! YUM!!



Because KIMCHI (a specially prepared cabbage) is a popular side dish that one can eat with almost every meal, there’s a lot of it available here.


Fresh seafood is also easy to find at Super H Mart. You have varying types of fish, shrimp, crab, squid, and octopus.





Of course, if you prefer your seafood REALLY fresh, you can also pick up an assortment of LIVE fish, lobster, crabs, etc.


“Pick me!” “No, ME!!” “I’m the tastiest!”

Lastly, a trip to the Korean marketplace wouldn’t be complete without stopping in the ramen aisle.


So…who’s hungry?

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