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Happy Birthday, McKenna!!

Posted by on September 30, 2014

When I asked my sister Paula what her daughter might like for her 7th birthday, Paula suggested I do a caricature of her. Since I had actually NEVER drawn my niece (McKenna) before, this seemed like a perfect opportunity. My sister informed me of this TV show called “Mia & Me”….something about fairies who have a pet unicorn. How could I POSSIBLY go wrong with fairies & unicorns?

So a quick Google search later and I had some images from the show that I could work with. The cast of good guys….


…and the heroine of the story, Mia….whom I would draw McKenna as.


When I began working on putting all the elements together, I realized I needed to see a bit more of the horse in order to draw him/her correctly.


Once again, Google comes to the rescue!

Then there was the most IMPORTANT element: reference photos of the Birthday Girl herself!


Luckily, there’s Facebook, where proud parents everywhere have tons and tons of photos of their children posted online for all the world to see.

So after about 3 to 3-1/2 hours, I had the finished drawing penciled and inked in.


I used a pair of very posable artist mannequins to aid me in drawing the other 2 fairies in the background. The cake & present were last-minute ideas…ones that seem pretty obvious in hindsight. DUH, Lorin!!

Next, I began the color. Using my handy-dandy Art Stix, I started with some general flesh & hair tones, gradually getting darker and adding more & more depth.


Finally, here is the finished product, which I’m told was received today in the mail, and which McKenna apparently enjoyed! YAY!!! Mission accomplished!! 😀

McKenna2014 copy


3 Responses to Happy Birthday, McKenna!!

  1. Paula

    PS…we also loved seeing the step-by-step process of your creation. It’s amazing how you make it all come to life!

  2. Paula

    We all love it! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into her gift. It will be treasured forever, and will be fun to look at when she is an adult to recall one of her favorite childhood memories!

  3. Anonymous

    Just finished watching the video of McKenna discovering her b.d. present from you for the first time.

    She couldn’t believe here eyes!! We concur w/the superlative that she kept vocalizing. “AWESOME!” “AWESOME!”

    GREAT JOB, Uncle Lorin! It was the most absolute PERFECT gift!!

    Love, Dad & Mom

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