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Korean Caricatures from 2013

Posted by on September 30, 2014

IMG_0433 copy

This is Jihye, one of my many co-workers. I’ve known her and worked with her since 2010. Terrific artist!

IMG_0506 copy

She might seem a bit shy when you first meet her. But once you get to know her, she’s as sweet and generous and loyal as they come.

IMG_0511 copy

And here’s Jinha, someone I only began working with last year. He’s a great guy who’s helped me out of many jams while on the job.

IMG_0517 copy

I drew this for him on a slow day at work. I’m pretty sure he was happy with it. I know I was pleased!

IMG_9640 copy 2

Here is the lovely Po La. Not only was I fortunate enough to befriend her, I actually got to know and spend time with almost everyone in her family!

IMG_9686 copy 2

This drawing of Po La became my competition piece during the Korean Mini Con in Seoul — June, 2013.

IMG_9617 copy 2

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, we have Yuna. She has a carefree spirit, but is also really down to earth, and just a lot of fun to be around.

998997_10200944498886307_1149991078_n copy 2

Yuna enjoys scuba diving (she’s even been to the Great Barrier Reef) and hula dancing. She’s actually in love with everything about Hawaii! Yuna requested that I draw her in her hula outfit, so…..

IMG_0449 copy 2

I used one photo for her face, and a separate one for her outfit. It’s amazing how different she looks with her hair up (I’m so used to seeing it down!). But I still think this came out looking like her.

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