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Some Recent Commission Jobs.

Posted by on September 30, 2014

IMG_2110 copy

This was a retirement gift for someone who worked at a law firm. The woman on the throne, of course, was the recipient. Like many of these types of jobs, almost all the elements in this drawing were specifically requested by the client. It was my job to fit ’em all in!

Trek Teachers copy

As a Star Trek fan, this one was REALLY fun to do! Being a black & white drawing, I probably could have knocked it out in only and hour and a half or so, but I’m pretty sure I spent about twice as long on this…just because! All three of these gentlemen were high school band teachers, and I believe their co-workers had given each of them a nickname from the famous TV show.

Moroch2014 copy

Lastly, this gentleman recently retired from McDonald’s. He’s a fan of their yogurt parfaits, but he also likes UT college football, CDs, the San Antonio Spurs, and the state of Texas. I was even given a photo of his wife and kids to “work in there somewhere”….which (surprisingly) I was able to do!

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