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OK…So I was Wrong.

Posted by on January 31, 2016

All right. The new “Star Wars” movie has been out for over a month, and I’ve already seen it THREE TIMES. Despite my previous post about “Farewell to Star Wars”….where I speculated that this would be the jumping-off point for my interest in this series….I can’t deny that I really loved this movie! It’s not my FAVORITE entry in the saga (“Empire” is still the best)….but it IS that rare gem you occasionally find at the movies: a really good sequel, worthy of its predecessor(s).

I was even compelled to do a drawing.Rey & Finn copy

I’ve got to admit that the folks behind “The Force Awakens” have sucked me in. I swore it wouldn’t happen, but yet, here we are. I’m already planning on seeing Episodes 8 and 9 when they come out, to see where we go next with this story and with these new characters. But seriously, THAT’S IT for me!! No, really, this time!!

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