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“To Explore Strange, New Faces…”

Posted by on September 15, 2016

ygfi2810-copy50 years ago, I…I wasn’t born yet. But in September of 1966, the very first episode of “Star Trek” aired on TV. I never actually watched it when I was a kid, but as a fan of sci-fi, I was always aware of it. In 1996, during my last year of college, I decided to watch all of the first 7 Star Trek movies in a row…as research for an art project I was then working on. Pretty soon, I was watching episodes of the old TV series, along with “The Next Generation”…and I was HOOKED!!!

As my caricature career was just beginning, I found myself compelled to draw these actors from these movies & TV shows, playing these wonderful characters that I had fallen in love of these were done as “samples” for display at the retail locations where I worked. But by the mid-2000s, I started drawing stuff that had a wee bit more detail…just for fun!original-series-crew-airbrush-copypicard-data-copyShortly afterward, my fondness of the airbrush as a tool came to an end. I gravitated more towards colored pencils and Art Stix (which is mostly what I use today). But my fondness for Star Trek is greater than ever!old-spock-copystar-trek-2014-copyLooking back at these drawings, I realize there are still MANY characters I have yet to tackle (Worf, Khan, the “Deep Space Nine” crew, and others). So here’s to my “ongoing mission”—may it “live long and prosper!”

2 Responses to “To Explore Strange, New Faces…”

  1. Lorin

    You got it, Sir! THANK YOU so much, Old Friend!!

  2. James Ray

    really want to get one of these prints. glad I know such a talented caricature artist.

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