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More Than Meets the….Y’know.

Posted by on June 19, 2017


Recently, I figured I would try drawing some fan art of “Transformers” characters from the ’80s and ’90s. The inspiration to do so came from listening to a podcast (, in which they talk about the cartoons, and develop little in-jokes along the way. The show is very funny and entertaining, and it made me want to depict some favorite characters with a little bit of wit and humor. KIND OF like drawing a caricature of a pre-existing (and copyrighted!) character. All in the name of fun!! #PleaseDon’tSueMe

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far…TF1 Cheetor & Dinobot INKEDTF1 Cheetor & Dinobot COLOR“BEAST WARS” was the first TV show reviewed on the podcast. It featured the character Dinobot, who was a fierce warrior, always talking about honor (very much like TNG’s Worf), as one of the main good guys. Dinobot was beloved by his comrades, especially the young Cheetor, who looked up to him as a role model.
TF2 Ravage INKEDTF2 Ravage COLORRavage was one of a handful of characters from the original 1980s Transformers to make a cameo appearance in Beast Wars. He showed up after having been upgraded from the smaller, micro-cassette form he had in the old days. In this story, Ravage was a Covert Agent working for the mysterious, Illuminati-like Tripredacus Council.
TF3 Starscream INKEDTF3 Starscream COLOROne of the most well known & easily recognizable of the original (also known as “GENERATION ONE”) Transformers was the villainous Starscream. In a famous scene from the 1986 feature film, he finally achieved his ultimate goal of becoming lord and ruler of the bad-guy Decepticons. He was even given a crown & everything! Although…he didn’t retain his position for very long.

These have been LOTS of fun to work on!! That’s all for now, but I have ideas for more, and I think this will be an ongoing series for a while. Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy these pieces!

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