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Summer of Starscream

Posted by on July 13, 2017

A year and a half ago, I began listening to this podcast:15726357_1336400109756666_208283230947560494_n As you might guess, it reviews & talks about various Transformers TV shows & movies. It’s run by 2 musicians out of Chicago, and it’s VERY entertaining! And it’s what inspired me to begin doing the series of drawings I posted about recently. You can check out the podcast HERE.

The show’s hosts, Dale & Eric, post a lot of updates on their Facebook page. This is also where they interact with many of their listeners (myself included). Most of the ideas I came up with for Transformers fan art were spurred on by in-jokes mentioned in the podcast. Some of them were very specific. DaleThis is Dale, the show’s “captain” and resident Transformers fan. He often talks about “shipping” certain characters in the cartoons (as in, ‘Will Character A hook up with Character B?’) And, in the midst of recording an episode, he’s been known to call out directly to one of their listeners (Emily, a “ship name” enthusiast) and ask for the combined name of the two characters, should they get into a relationship.

Then there’s Eric, the show’s other host.EricHe is a Transformers “newbie”…someone who previously only had a vague awareness of the franchise or its fandom. Several episodes back, Eric pledged that, if a certain monetary goal could be met, he would brand himself with a Transformers tattoo. Dale jokingly suggested that it be the likeness of another listener (Connor, who’s catchphrase became “Hey!”).

I mailed the above drawings to the hosts as a surprise gift. Upon receiving them, they proceeded to talk about them while recording the an episode, which I was THRILLED to hear!! Also included in the package was this drawing:Party Animal PrimeThe morning I had planned to drop these drawings off at the post office, I was listening to the most recent episode of the podcast, in which the hosts joked about “Party Animal Optimus”. I IMMEDIATELY knew that I HAD to draw that & mail it to them as well! So I did.

In the weeks since then, there has been even MORE back & forth interaction, via either a post on Facebook, or directly from the podcast. On one recent episode, Eric posed the question, “Where in the world is Starscream?”— and he specifically mentioned that he imagined the villainous character dressed like Carmen Sandiego. So I obliged him.Carmen Starscream

Even MORE recently, Eric’s 2 kids appeared on a special bonus episode of the show. One of them said the words “Old-Timey Primey”. The other one piped up & said, “Lorin should draw that.” How could I refuse?TF6 Old-Timey Primey INKED copyI immediately thought of the opening of the old TV sitcom “Cheers”.TF6 Old-Timey Primey COLOR copy
Once THIS drawing was posted to the Facebook page, Eric chimed in with this…IMG_9524…which made me REALLY happy.

Be sure to check out in the links above!!

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