New Celebrity Caricatures

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, so I thought I’d show you 3 new drawings, from 3 of my favorite movies…all works in progress.IMG_0497IMG_0944IMG_0662
I hope to finish these, in color, by the end of the year.

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See No Evil…

This is a caricature drawn from a customer’s photo.IMG_0410IMG_0411

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Artwork from the Singapore Mini Con

The First Mini Con in Singapore was a success!! I spent a week in a beautiful country, along with many friends, both old & new.
Here is the artwork I was able to produce in a couple of days.10409354_1007033436003690_1143991495718888865_nIMG_8747
Now here are the subjects, along with their drawings. First up is Insyirah, one of the Mini Con helpers, from Singapore.IMG_8666IMG_8949
Next, here’s Eri, a fun, sunny artist from Japan.IMG_8657IMG_8951
This is Peggy, a new friend from Taiwan.IMG_8663IMG_8930
And last, here is the trio of Mel (from Texas), David (from Hong Kong), and Etsuko (from Japan).IMG_8661IMG_8675IMG_8668IMG_8669
I very randomly decided to put these 3 into a single drawing, based mostly on the fact that both Mel & David are rather tall, while Etsuko is very short.IMG_8956IMG_9276

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Some Recent Work…

Here are a few of my recent live drawings.
The first 2 are from a trade show I worked a couple of weeks ago. It was a 1970s-themed event.IMG_8187 So basically, all I had to do was to draw people in semi-outrageous clothing.IMG_8192IMG_8193 This 3rd image is from Saturday at the mall.IMG_8416 The girl was rather horrified by the result, but I THINK the guy was OK with it.IMG_8417 These folks were quite possibly the ONLY child-free couple I drew all weekend. So OF COURSE, I had to cut loose a bit and have some fun with them.

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Here’s another step-by-step color process. This time, we have my buddy Steve Hearn from London!11156196_10152760004430143_5144255298476807012_n We’ll begin with a finished, inked, black & white drawing (Steve is English, and folks over there tend to say “CHEERS” a lot…hence the silly gag).IMG_8283 Next, the first bit of color, concentrating mostly on the flesh tones.IMG_8284 Now for a bit of modeling on the flesh, adding shadows and contrast.IMG_8285 Let’s add a bit more red (well, PINK, actually) to the skin, so as not to have Steve’s skin look too pale.IMG_8286 And finally, some simple, finishing details in the hair, clothing, and background. VOILA! We’re done!!IMG_8288

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Re-capping the Main Street Art Festival

The weekend of April 9-12, 2015, was the Main Street Art Festival in downtown Fort Worth.IMG_7980 This is an annual event, where artists of all types can display & sell their work.IMG_7994IMG_7983 Because there’s no admission charge (the vendors just set up on various sections of the street, which are blocked to oncoming traffic), a ton of people usually attend this event each year.IMG_7969IMG_7984 Of course, this makes for an EXCELLENT opportunity to draw caricatures!!IMG_7961IMG_7981 A total of 7 artists (myself included) pooled together their resources, materials, and funding (for the Festival’s entry fee), as we covered 2 separate locations over 4 days. The first day was, by far, the slowest (it was a Thursday, and kids didn’t get out of school till more than halfway through the work day). Still, we managed to make the most of it.IMG_8003IMG_7989IMG_7986IMG_7990 Thursday was ALSO the day when OUT OF NOWHERE, we endured a brief—but strong—thunderstorm!!IMG_7995 Dan, Amy, & I were literally holding down the fort, trying to keep our paper and electrical equipment from getting pounded by the rain that managed to blow its way into our small-but-sturdy little tent!IMG_7996 After about 45 minutes, the the weather returned to normal, and patrons roamed the streets once again, well into the evening.IMG_7998 Fortunately—and miraculously—Mother Nature proved to be VERY cooperative for the entire remainder of the weekend, and all of us enjoyed what turned out to be a profitable venture. Yaaaaaaaaayyy!!!IMG_7971IMG_8009IMG_8010IMG_8012

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Another one of my awesome co-workers here in Dallas!IMG_7939IMG_7940

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Summer in Singapore!

Only 2 more months until I head to Singapore for their VERY FIRST Mini Con! I’ve registered, and reserved a hotel room for the week! Now, I just have to book my FLIGHT (the most expensive part)…but prices looked pretty good when I last checked a few weeks ago!

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Out With the Old…

Here are a few examples of some of the celebrity caricatures I drew 10 years ago, or more. I’m posting them here because I will most likely be removing them from my website very soon…in favor of NEWER artwork.


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Yoga Drawing


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