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Farewell to “Star Wars”

Growing up in the late ’70s and early ’80s, the Star Wars movies were a staple of my childhood. Once I graduated from college and entered the mundane, everyday reality of adult life, I seemed to have a growing desire to re-capture various elements from my childhood. Thus, as a caricature artist just trying to … Continue reading »

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Here’s another step-by-step color process. This time, we have my buddy Steve Hearn from London! We’ll begin with a finished, inked, black & white drawing (Steve is English, and folks over there tend to say “CHEERS” a lot…hence the silly gag). Next, the first bit of color, concentrating mostly on the flesh tones. Now for … Continue reading »

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Yoga Drawing

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Hi there! It’s almost time for me to leave for Reno! Before I go, I thought I’d share with all of you the drawing I finished today. It’s my entry in the Studio Caricature competition! ENJOY!! 

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Some Recent Commission Jobs.

This was a retirement gift for someone who worked at a law firm. The woman on the throne, of course, was the recipient. Like many of these types of jobs, almost all the elements in this drawing were specifically requested by the client. It was my job to fit ’em all in! As a Star … Continue reading »

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Dr. Leonardo, I presume…

My good friend Chris Galvin pitched this job to me about a month ago, asking if I was available to work at a 3-day trade show in early September. I said “Sure!” and he then kind of grinned at me & said, “It’s kinda weird….” Chris then proceeded to tell me the client had requested … Continue reading »

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